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Decorators who Feature Antiques

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BG Galleries
Nantucket House
Lillian August
Antiques by Design
William R. Eubank
--Interior Design & Antiques
Carlton Hobbs
--Master oc the class
Antique Chairs and Interior Decorating
Blue Sky Interior Decor
Vintage Touch
Blue Sky
Prospect Hill Antiques & Home Furnishings

IAntiques ONline is a Social Networking website for Antiquers with over 6000 members.
It has a number of discussion groups, such as Decorating with antiques
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Kitchen Vollectibles
--bt C.Dianne Zweig

Set of 6
Vintage Chairs
Marked Hitchcock

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Carved Chair

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leCoultre Clock

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***** Antiques & Interior Decorating New Headlines

Back in the days when my wife and I were actually selling antiques, I had a feeling the the majoriy of our sales were to other dealers. We did not think much about home decorating, although furnishing our first home with mostly Victorian (they were not considered antiques back then), got us interested.

We read about the shortage of new young collectors. but the young people will be furnishing their homes.
We, in the Antiquing business compete with other home furnishing items. I have not found many Antique dealer adv in Home Decorating magazines.

And a quote from Marcia Brown
"The older people, from 50 on up, usually are going for the antiques ...
and the younger people, who are more or less starting their home,
are the ones who are looking for interior decorating,"

And a quote from Leigh Keno, "In today's world, we mix modern and old and there's no such thing as a period room anymore."

And a quote from the Harwington Antique Show management+ "More and more, consumers and style-makers are looking to antique shows as a resource for trends in home design," said Jenkins. "We're moving away from the 'stuff in grandma's attic' image and toward offering a mix of hip, cool and unique items with a range of price points and something for everyone. I think this is going to be the most diverse show in New England."


Undecorate by Huma Quareshi - JOL Life Style
Comments on the influence of Blogs and Internet Shopping on Interior Decorating.
This Essay was published in South Areica- do you have comments on the influence of these factors on USA Interior Decorating. Send comments to

Collecting & Decorating is very Good
by Deanna Moyers on IAntique Online

The New Collecting Trend - Diversification
by xxxxxxx, Skinner's Blog

We will be asking interested Decorators and Antique Dealers to contribute short essays on the use of Antiques and Collectibles in Interion Decorating. Send your essay or reference to


Modern Interior Decorators using Antiques
Antiques in Interior Design Contest
Design Contest for Students
Antique Interior Decorations
Using Vintage Posters in Decorating
Decorating with Antiques & Collectibles - discussion Group
Design Tips on How to Decorate with Antiques.
Resecorating Bungelows
"Home Decorating with Antiques" Book.

Design & Antiques

Top Antique Related Twitters
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Maine Antique Digest
PBS Roadshow
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Fruniture by Material Cirls
Antiques Go Young
Shabby Nest Blog
Top 50 Antique Blogs
50 blogs about Antiques
Guide to Art Schools
New England Antiques Show Blog
Showcase Antiques Blog
The Young Collectors Blog
The Kitschy Collector Blog
Teapots Teapots Teapots


Material Girls

Balsamo Antiques & Interior Design.

Facebook and Twitter have caught the public's attention. In world traffic, Facebook is now #2 (Google is #1) and Twitter is now #10.
Both social networks have large antiquing related posts.

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Vintage Touch

Gifts from the Gift Shops
of Historic New England Villages & House Museums MAKE GOOD DECORATING ITEMS.

The Wayside Inn
Historic Deerfield Store
Mark Twain House
Old Sturbridge Village
Hancock Shaker Village Store
Shelburn Village
Peabody Essex Museum
Boothbay Regional Historical Society Store


Dealers that show
photos of items

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The Drawring Room
Newport, RI

Nathan Liverant and Son
116th & 19th Century Antiques
Colchester, CT

Ahlberg Antiques
dealer in fine antique furniture
Guilford, CT< brp> (furn628)

r. Jorgensen
Fine Period Antiques
Wells, ME

Hanes & Ruskin
OLd Lyme, CT
Quaboag Valley Antique Center

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Junkables antiques

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